Gone are the days of blog writing which contained only words and phrases.  Today’s version of blogs has photos, cartoons, diagrams all attached to it.  Not only that, many budding photographers who are seeking instant recognition know that the internet is the best way.  Yes, building an internet site wherein you can include photos is the easiest and best way to display your photos to a wider and international audience.   So, if this has caught your attention, then do not dismiss this thinking that it will be difficult to build a great website.

Creating a website that has photos is very easy thanks to Elementor.   Using Elementor, a great visual experience can be created( check this Elementor Black Friday to save some money).    Foremost, a WordPress website with Elementor built-in is required. You may also require the Jet family Plugins known as JetBlog.   This can be installed separately or by selecting the Elementor WordPress theme.   Then, follow these steps:

1.       Navigate to the page where you want to display your blog

2.      Select the button ‘Edit with Elementor’.  It will take you to the Elementor Editor.

3.      Create a new section and select the Smart Posts List option.

4.      Then Go to Content, then General, and later Widget Title.

5.      Set the Post Image size and position based on your preferences.

 The mentioned above is just a broad description shown on how to make a photoblog page in Elementor.  If, however, you prefer a more detailed and distinct blog page presentation, then you can use the JetElements section.    There is also the JetBlog plugin for easy and fast customization.

If you are an Elementor user, then a dedicated WordPress plugin is not required.  You can simply use the Elementor Image Gallery Widget.   In this widget library, simply select, drag and drop the image at the place you want it. By this simple tap, you can create amazing galleries.  WordPress has a great plugin ecosystem wherein you can secure your photos with watermarks and so on. Keep in mind that a good blog page will help in increasing traffic to your website and this in turn can lead to prospective customers or clients.  Some points to keep in mind while making a photoblog page in Elementor:

1.        Learn about SEO and do the required keyword research.

2.      Check out similar articles or blogs and get inspired by them.

3.      Keep the mobile and tab responses in mind while preparing the photo blog page.  Some websites look great on a desktop but not on the phone screen.

4.      Reduce the size of the images by using image optimizers.Elementor offers great features that make a blog page worth looking at.  It is the best website builder that enables full control over the design features.  Not only that it offers an intuitive interface. Special knowledge is not required.  The best part is that it is free.  There is also the pro version wherein you can get some extra features and some complex effects. But the free version is still very powerful to create a great looking photoblog. So, go ahead and create a blog to improve the website and increase traffic.

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